One of the most powerful methods to grow an advisory business is to let the current clients do the work – to get noticed and be talked about.

Here are three points why successful firms have always used the approach of getting people talking about their business; about the quality of the service they deliver, to gain referrals:

  1. Credibility:  Clients who have experienced your premium service will be viewed as a credible source of recommendation for their peers, friends and family Referrals in an advisory service context.
  2. Cost Effectiveness:  Clients who make introduction of prospects to your business provide a lower cost method of acquiring the correct sort of leads.
  3. Sustainability: As long as you keep delighting your clients whilst executing the correct client referral strategy, then this method of generating new clients becomes self-sustainable.

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Why some customers are more influential than others

In summary

A new prospect connecting with an existing client of yours can provide immense value in reducing concerns. A good reputation, confirmed by a positive recommendation from a satisfied client willing to advocate your business, will go a long way to helping the prospect make the decision to engage you.

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