A decade ago, hardly anyone booked travel or did their banking online. In the rapidly emerging Digital world, this is the preferred method of doing business for an increasing number of existing and new clients.

Conversion from a casual online inquiry to a closed sale remains low in an online world – typically around 3%.

The best opportunity to increase conversion rates lies in “maximising the light-bulb moment” that the client experiences with a memorable Digital experience when they interact with your Digital content.

Social selling is about leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, providing insights, and developing relationships.

Social Media Marketing: How it Affects Your Business

Executing your Digital strategy enables sales lead generation – building and maintaining relationships with your existing clients and future prospective clients.

Here are 4 critical questions to ask yourself, before executing your social media strategy:

1. Aspirations: What are your business goals? and their measurements?
2. Impact: Who are your target clients? and segments?
3. Content: What digital content (videos, whitepapers, blogs etc) do you have to establish your authority and help these clients?
4. Outcomes: What action(s) do you want clients to take, as a result of connecting with your content?

Lead nurturing

Making an initial connection is only a small step forward – you need to keep the online audience engaged by using Digital methods in nurturing inbound leads. Developing a blended structure of transactional (digital) and consultative (conversation) methods will maximise the results from Digital campaigns across selected social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Making a start

The answers to these 4 questions (above) will form the basis for your Digital strategy. This Digital strategy should be used to brief your Social Media consultant(s) on what you expect to be done to connect with your chosen audience – your overall Growth Plan provides clarity and reduced wasted efforts by highlighting the line-of-sight between your Business Goals, your chosen Client Segments and your Digital execution.

The 3 most popular social media platforms to connect with customers and execute your Digital strategy are Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

We suggest picking 1 or 2 social platforms to make a start. The platform chosen depends on the target client segments that you have chosen in your growth strategy and your digital content.

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