The continued fallout from the economic crisis has created uncertainty and undermined trust.  Clients react to this new uncertainty with different behaviours.

As you develop your strategy for growth, here are four trends, you cannot afford to ignore:

  1. Clients are more demanding,
  2. Clients are more transactional,
  3. Clients will pay a premium,
  4. Smartphones are disrupting the way clients want to deal with your business.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2015/2016

In conclusion:

Selling distinctive value helps ensure that your client both recognises and values your distinctiveness.  Rather than resist, it is clear that your strategy for growth has to take these four trends into account.

The strategy for growth must also recognise the psychology of individual client buying behaviours as a major factor in improving sales results – not a one size fits all.

In most industries, the bulk of a firm’s business comes from a small minority of its clients. Retaining these key clients is getting increasingly difficult as buyers constantly look not only for the best deal, but also for the firm that best understands them and their needs.  It is this understanding and the targeted selling that results from it, that can most benefit by placing these four trends as a central plank of your Growth Plan.

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