Executing your Digital strategy enables sales lead generation; building and maintaining relationships with your existing clients and future prospective clients

Digital disruption: Do you really know what your customers want?

It’s been four years since Deloitte published its landmark study, Digital disruption: Short fuse, big bang?, looking at the impact of digital innovation across all industries, and predicting how much change could be expected in the years to come. Since this time, digital disruption has of course become commonplace. Every single industry faces digital [...]

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4 critical questions to kick-start your Social Media strategy

A decade ago, hardly anyone booked travel or did their banking online. In the rapidly emerging Digital world, this is the preferred method of doing business for an increasing number of existing and new clients. Conversion from a casual online inquiry to a closed sale remains low in an online world - typically around 3%. [...]

By | July 6th, 2019|Step 8 - Digital Strategy|

4 Trends that Your Business Cannot Ignore

The continued fallout from the economic crisis has created uncertainty and undermined trust.  Clients react to this new uncertainty with different behaviours. As you develop your strategy for growth, here are four trends, you cannot afford to ignore: Clients are more demanding, Clients are more transactional, Clients will pay a premium, Smartphones are disrupting [...]

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Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth

At the end of May each year, venture capitalist Mary Meeker delivers something of a treatise on digital disruption. Year after year, her highly lauded Internet Trends Report serves as a warning siren to business leaders: keep up with the scale and pace of digital transformation, or suffer the consequences. Digital disruption is unavoidable And [...]

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How will your business compete in the Digital Age?

Digitisation changes competitive advantage because it changes market definition. Digital disruption is breaking down barriers to entry for companies in their existing markets but also into new ones as well. Companies can begin to think about this by imagining what a competitor might do to disrupt their market. What is competitive advantage? Value is [...]

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Permission-marketing basics

Clients are more sophisticated and discerning than ever before. They are more likely to feel turned off by intrusive marketing messages that interrupt their enjoyment whilst browsing or viewing your content. How much damage is being done to your brand by provoking clients (or prospects) with annoying messages? What does this do to your levels of client [...]

Digital Tribes: Why cost, convenience, and customisation hold the key to customer loyalty

It’s time to employ individualised marketing techniques to remain connected with your customers. Gone are the days when basic segmentation was all you needed to pinpoint your target audience. Customers are more than age, gender location and income levels neatly filed in your database. You’ve really got to know what your customers want at [...]

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Even cappuccinos and cake need a digital strategy

Australians are among the most addicted smartphone users on the planet. And it’s not just teenagers or digital natives either. We check our mobile devices up to 110 times a day. Addicted to smartphones This addiction to mobile and the transition to mobile first impacts everything we do. At home and at work. Which [...]

Digital Disruption: Opportunity or Threat?

Australian businesses are in two minds about innovation according to a new report by American Express, The Economy of Shopping Small. On the one hand, 43% do not believe they are innovative; on the other, 57% overwhelmingly believe that innovation drives the success of their business. This is reinforced by another report, this time [...]

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From bell curve to well curve: The story of customer polarisation

Digital disruption is rewriting the rules of business and competition. With the fast changing customer landscape, incumbent brands are at risk of being left behind. The alarming truth is that if you simply continue to do the same things that have brought you success in the past, your business will fail. Conventional assumptions about value [...]

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