Good strategy is about action. It provides a way through a difficulty or maximises a growth opportunity

Hunt for growth? The pivotal role that most influences sales results

For companies focused on growth, one of the biggest "perceived" opportunities is to make sales more productive through higher efficiencies. As a leader driving growth, this only provides a fraction of your potential revenue increase. Sales efficiency, if executed well, serves to get your Business Developers or Advisors in front of the correct client [...]

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Sales Strategy: 7 bullets to dodge for your growth plan

Leaders must rethink how they source leads, manage pipelines, and harness their resources to grow their business more effectively. Rather than being overwhelmed, the best leaders have figured out how to overcome the complexity it takes to generate market growth. They have a Growth Plan" Planning on revenue growth is one of the most critical [...]

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You can’t cost-cut your way to greatness: you need to grow revenues

At a time when business models age faster than the latest iPhone, focusing on operational efficiency alone is not enough to succeed. To grow your business, you need to build it from within (known as Organic Growth), or essentially buy it through mergers and acquisitions (known as Inorganic Growth). Either way, you need to stay [...]

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Permission-marketing basics

Clients are more sophisticated and discerning than ever before. They are more likely to feel turned off by intrusive marketing messages that interrupt their enjoyment whilst browsing or viewing your content. How much damage is being done to your brand by provoking clients (or prospects) with annoying messages? What does this do to your levels of client [...]

Strategy for Growth: Less is more

“Work smarter, not harder” has never been a more appropriate motto. The focus should be on the skill, and not the activity when confronting selling in a down-market. Extending this to the current economic climate, there is little point in driving the sales team to have more meetings with clients. This will simply mean they [...]

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Even cappuccinos and cake need a digital strategy

Australians are among the most addicted smartphone users on the planet. And it’s not just teenagers or digital natives either. We check our mobile devices up to 110 times a day. Addicted to smartphones This addiction to mobile and the transition to mobile first impacts everything we do. At home and at work. Which [...]

Strategy for Growth: Gaining a premium price

Clients define value by looking at the differential between the perceived benefit and the actual cost of your proposal. The need to obtain more value, with a higher degree of certainty, becomes more pronounced in a sluggish economy. This leads us to the most fundamental equation of value creation: Value = Benefits - Cost [...]

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How spotting rockstar potential can help grow your business faster

When it comes to spotting rockstar talent, there’s no one quite like Simon Cowell. Through his work on Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor and Got Talent shows around the globe, he’s a master at choosing the next big thing. He’s been involved with everyone from One Direction, Olly Murs, Westlife, Susan Boyle [...]

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Creating demand for professional consulting services

A poll of 217 current and former Formula One drivers nominated Ayrton Senna as the Greatest Formula One Driver of all time. In a glittering ten year career that ended with his untimely death, Senna had 41 Grand Prix wins. He also secured 3 world championship crowns. But what stands out most is his [...]

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Strategy for Growth: Shift to lowering risk

To stimulate demand in tough times, reducing the price is a typical strategy that is floated by many business owners and executives. Cutting prices by skimping on service delivery is not likely to thrill the client or ensure loyalty. At best, this is a short term strategy that can be very elastic. Worked example: Airline [...]

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