Video: How to attract the correct new customer?

Mobility makes your brand infinitely more accessible to your clients. It is more efficient when they reach out to you with an invitation, not the other way around. The GROW Strategy Platform helps you plan marketing campaigns with permission-based techniques on the correct target market. Furthermore, our Business-toBusiness (B2B) offering to Partners help pinpoint and attract the correct clients (and resellers) to do business with.

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6 Key Value Points of the GROW Strategy Platform

Keith Betty, Founder and Director of GGB Wealthcare, discusses:

  • What value proposition to bring to the market? Who are we targeting?
  • How do we would bring this value to the market?

Martin Blake, NSW Chairman, KPMG Australia discusses:

  • How to create demand with pull strategies, rather than push strategies?
  • How does the GROW Strategy platform help customers opt-in

Shehan Wijetilaka, CEO, Grow Strategy discusses:

  • Why we need to fire clients who don’t fit into our core target market?

Source: Insights from the GROW|STRATEGY Launch

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