Webinar: Developing your Centres of Influence strategy

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This 1 hour webinar is ideal for: Business Owner, CEO, GM, Director, Head of Marketing, Head of Sales, Mid-market Business Advisor

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One of the most powerful methods to grow a business is to let the current clients do the work – to get noticed and be talked about.  A new prospect connecting with an existing client of yours can provide immense value in reducing concerns. A good reputation, confirmed by a positive recommendation from a satisfied client willing to advocate your business, will go a long way to helping the prospect make the decision to engage you.

The trusted professional advisor who directly influences your prospective client qualifies as a Centre of Influence (COI). If executed correctly, COI’s introduce you to clients with whom you’d like to do business.

In this webinar, we discuss how to identify and bring value to your COI’s and ultimately gain the trust to generate more client referrals.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this webinar, you will gain:

  • COI Insights: Gain insights to the key concepts you must understand to grow your business using a COI strategy
  • Science of Referrals: Gain a deeper understanding on the science of referrals to maximise your biggest asset – your existing clients – to grow your business

In this webinar

You will be introduced to new ways to think about how you market, promote and grow your business with Centres of Influence, changing the way you think about generating quality referrals.

We’ll use practical examples from other successful businesses and tap into the collective experiences as real life case studies, to demonstrate how these strategies apply to your own business.

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About the Speakers

Your host: Jim Burke

Jim is an expert in making business strategy work through targeted, high impact people initiatives. He has over 25 years proven success in Australia, the US and Asia Pacific.

Your presentor: Shehan Wijetilaka

Shehan is an expert in marketing strategy and sales execution. His insights are backed up with over 20 years of demand creation experience in senior sales executive roles, including running a $100 million business line.

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