Webinar: Why develop a Growth Plan to power your business

Topic: Why develop a Growth Plan to power your business (FDT101)


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This 1 hour webinar is ideal for: Business Owner, CEO, GM, Director, Head of Marketing, Head of Sales, Mid-market Business Advisor

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Watch: 6 Key Value Points of the GROW Strategy Platform


Research shows that if we list the key factors for business failure, the following three reasons rank very high: Lack of sales, intense competition and unexpected growth. In this light, Growth Plans are inherently strategic – it focusses only on Revenue generation.

As a business owner or leader, you need to keep moving forward, aspiring to grow, whilst tapping into new ideas, at all times. Few invest time or have the skills to develop a viable Growth Plan, underpinned by sound sales strategy, to manage their revenue line.

During this webinar, we will discuss what can be done to help your business grow in a sustainable manner. How does planning help concentrate your resources on the few things that matter to your growth trajectory.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this webinar you will be able to:

  • Understand how to get onto the path of profitable growth
  • Differentiate Growth Planning vs Business Planning
  • See connections between different functions of a growth plan that helps to create real value for your clients

In this webinar

  • We will share insights on growth planning and its impact on powering business growth
  • You learn what Growth Planning is and why it is a vital part to competing and expanding your business
  • How the Growth Plan uses a combination of strategy and specific steps to drive growth
  • How to kick-start your Growth Plan

About the Speakers

Your host: Jim Burke

Jim is an expert in making business strategy work through targeted, high impact people initiatives. He has over 25 years proven success in Australia, the US and Asia Pacific.

Your presentor: Shehan Wijetilaka

Shehan is an expert in marketing strategy and sales execution. His insights are backed up with over 25 years of demand creation experience in senior sales executive roles, including running a $100 million business line.

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