GROW Strategy professional services put our customers quickly on the path to success with the GROW Strategy Platform. The experts on our support, training, and consulting teams are at your service – and they take pride in your success.

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Your support options

Expert customer support is a critical factor for increasing user productivity, customer satisfaction, and maximising the benefits of GROW Strategy platform. This is why a baseline level of service is included in your GROW Strategy subscription, designed to boost your success across all GROW Strategy.

Your Basic Support includes:

  • Multichannel service and support via the Web and Email
  •  12 hours x 5 days live customer support (excluding holidays)
  •  No limit on the number of support cases that can be submitted

Premier Support provides these extra features:

  • Multichannel service and support via the Phone, Web and Email
  • 12 hours x 7 days personalised phone service from experts, with a guaranteed two-hour response time.
  • Support “health checks” to determine whether your company is using GROW Strategy applications to its fullest advantage

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Other support options

More support packages via:

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