Who uses GROW Strategy?

Choose your customers, narrow your focus, dominate that segment

GROW | STRATEGY helps to turn business planning into sales execution. It is used by:

Retail: Business to Consumer (B2C) users

  • Business Owners
  • Senior Business Executives
  • Board of Directors
  • Entrepreneurs with new Start-ups
  • Sales Management
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Channel Management

Wholesale: Business to Business (B2B) partners

  • Business Consultants who advise mid-market clients
  • Accountants who advise small to medium clients
  • Wealth Management Dealer Groups who manage Independent Financial Planning (IFA) practices
  • Product Distributors with channel partners such as Resellers
  • Banks who lend to small to medium businesses
  • Insurance companies who distribute via brokers
  • Shopping Centre Landlords who want to grow their retailers
  • Venture Capitalists who fund new start-ups
  • more
What customers say

Business Growth

Business Scenarios – catalysts to use GROW | STRATEGY

Growing your business means regularly taking time to critically examine its strategy and focus on clients. Like maintaining a tree, sometimes you need to prune it back, to ensure sustainable growth. Even if this means turning away business, as the wrong clients may end up costing you money.

Whilst crafting your growth plan, you will need to examine the following questions:

  • Does your strategy fit in with prevailing business conditions? Does your existing value proposition make sense in current times?
  • Will you really be able to attract the correct new customers? What is the quality of your existing customers? Are they demanding services for which you cannot charge?
  • What do your trusted advisers think of your plan? Are any of their concerns justified? How can you address their feedback?
What is a Growth Plan?
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