To grow or not to grow? It’s an urgent choice between life and death

Last year in their Global survey of 400 CEOs, KPMG found an overwhelming refocus on growth after years of focus on risk aversion and operational efficiency. Fast forward twelve months, and KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook 2015 is even more upbeat about growth planning. 52% of CEO's picked aggressive growth: Asked to identify their organizational priorities [...]

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8 ways you are impacted by not having a Growth Plan

In the absence of a Growth Plan, many businesses suffer from severe knock-on effects that impact revenue growth. Building and sharing a Growth Plan with your team and external advisors ensures that you are sprinting in the correct direction of customer segments that most value your offerings. WATCH: Why GROW Strategy is [...]

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6 critical topics to test your business growth curve

Standing still is not an option. Any business that is not growing is going backwards. Too many companies face the day-to-day pressures of surviving and end up just “playing along with the market” in auto-mode. They are hoping growth that is lost in the past will somehow re-appear on their top-line revenue, in the [...]

9 steps to developing a Growth Plan

Are your customers delaying their purchases? Are they more price sensitive? The research shows that you are probably being impacted by digital disruption without even realising it. Business Owners and Leaders need to combat disruptive changes to grow revenue. They do this by developing a growth strategy to concentrate scarce resources with confidence on the few options that [...]

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