A business will not succeed or fail based on the information provided in a growth plan, but a plan can help a business idea become successful through focused planning and forethought.

Permission-marketing basics

Clients are more sophisticated and discerning than ever before. They are more likely to feel turned off by intrusive marketing messages that interrupt their enjoyment whilst browsing or viewing your content. How much damage is being done to your brand by provoking clients (or prospects) with annoying messages? What does this do to your levels of client [...]

Digital Tribes: Why cost, convenience, and customisation hold the key to customer loyalty

It’s time to employ individualised marketing techniques to remain connected with your customers. Gone are the days when basic segmentation was all you needed to pinpoint your target audience. Customers are more than age, gender location and income levels neatly filed in your database. You’ve really got to know what your customers want at [...]

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Strategy for Growth: Less is more

“Work smarter, not harder” has never been a more appropriate motto. The focus should be on the skill, and not the activity when confronting selling in a down-market. Extending this to the current economic climate, there is little point in driving the sales team to have more meetings with clients. This will simply mean they [...]

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2 ways to quality check your growth tactics for the best results

Completing your growth plan in a smart and disciplined way is just the first step in your journey to realising your growth potential. You’ve then got to execute it. And this is where many businesses become unstuck by trying to execute too many tactics. You see, the challenge for most businesses is not [...]

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How changed customer buying patterns impacts your sales growth?

Planning for revenue growth is one of the most critical components in today’s business world - it is also one of the most misunderstood elements. The two key aspects of your Growth Plan are:  first, developing it and then executing it. Very few companies succeed in both. You can make a start to your growth plan by [...]

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Digital disruption: Do you really know what your customers want?

It’s been four years since Deloitte published its landmark study, Digital disruption: Short fuse, big bang?, looking at the impact of digital innovation across all industries, and predicting how much change could be expected in the years to come. Since this time, digital disruption has of course become commonplace. Every single industry faces digital [...]

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Concentrate to succeed: 5 reasons to segment your clients?

Client Segmentation enables the concentration of your valuable and scarce resources to grow your business. What is Client Segmentation? It is the subdivision of a market into discrete client groups that share similar characteristics. Here are 5 reasons why successful companies adopt client segmentation: Provides Focus: It provides a powerful means to identify client needs [...]

By | June 8th, 2016|Step 3 - Client Segmentation|

IT resellers: Time to reboot business model…again

Over the last decade or so, business transformation for IT resellers has been a constant. Gone are the growth opportunities in simply identifying hardware and software needs for clients, quoting, delivering and installing. To survive, traditional resellers have had to evolve their business and vendor relationships to become service providers, systems integrators, suppliers and [...]

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Even cappuccinos and cake need a digital strategy

Australians are among the most addicted smartphone users on the planet. And it’s not just teenagers or digital natives either. We check our mobile devices up to 110 times a day. Addicted to smartphones This addiction to mobile and the transition to mobile first impacts everything we do. At home and at work. Which [...]

Strategy for Growth: Gaining a premium price

Clients define value by looking at the differential between the perceived benefit and the actual cost of your proposal. The need to obtain more value, with a higher degree of certainty, becomes more pronounced in a sluggish economy. This leads us to the most fundamental equation of value creation: Value = Benefits - Cost [...]

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